Media coverage

Below are excerpts from the media coverage of the Entchev immigration saga, with links to the full articles.—

“Entchev and his family should never have been imprisoned, nor should they be threatened with deportation. Entchev was trying to do the right thing; he wasn’t living life in the shadows, as many other illegal immigrants do. He has been a college professor and is considered an expert in the field of geographical information systems that can assist government in urban planning and zoning. His wife is a renowned architect. His son knows only this country; he arrived here when he was two years old.” –Courage needed on immigration reform, editorial,

“Atanas said that Enislav was born in Bulgaria and came to the U.S. when he was two. He has no memory of the country of his birth.

“If anyone didn’t belong there, he was him,” Entchev said. “He had no say in any decisions I made for him.”

Despite being imprisoned, Entchev said the two were able to bond over the two months.” –North Brunswick Family Reunited After Husband and Son Detained by Homeland Security For 65 Days, NewBrunswickPatch

“Well-known researcher invited to U.S. on prestigious fellowship released from deportation proceedings after wife launched online campaign on Immigration and Customs Enforcement has released prominent researcher, consultant, and business owner Atanas Entchev and his son from detention after his wife Mayia started a campaign on that garnered more than 1,000 supporters.” –Prominent New Jersey Scholar And Son Released From Detention Following Online Campaign, The Paramus Post (based on a press release)

““We are thrilled the Entchevs were released from detention,” said Eric Mark, attorney for the family. “However, the Stay of Removal is a temporary and insufficient solution. We will begin immediately to work on a permanent solution to keep this talented, hard-working and beloved family in the United States, where they can continue to contribute to this country as they have for 20 years.”” –Clock ticking for North Brunswick family facing deportation, The Home News Tribune

“During his time in detention, Atanas sent handwritten notes that were typed into blog posts on his personal website. “I wish that I’d be free to continue to contribute to the U.S. economy, instead of being a drain on it [while in detention],” he wrote in early November. “I want to pay for my food. Let me do it.” In another post, upon his release, he describes the ingenious crafts made “out of nothing” by immigrant detainees: woven crosses from orange jumpsuit thread, a frame out of ramen noodle boxes. “There is a lesson to be learned here,” he writes. “Are you listening DC?”” –Success! Expert Scholar Atanas Entchev and Family Out of Detention,

“This week many of us in the geospatial community have been deeply troubled by news that our colleague Atanas Entchev, along with his wife and son, have been detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at a for-profit “Community Education Center” (read: prison) in Newark, New Jersey.  Prominent in the online world with his blog, articles in professional publications, and reliably droll tweets, I enjoyed meeting up with him when on the East Coast for wide-ranging conversation over lunch, comparing notes on the life of freelance GIS consultant.  Among others, John ReiserJames FeeAdena Schutzberg, and Bill Dollins have helped spread the word about Atanas’ plight.” –Political Hypocrisy & Economic Ignorance: the Case Against Atanas Entchev, MapBrief