Atanas Entchev

Atanas Entchev

UPDATE October 27, 2013: After a longer-than-anticipated hiatus Lesley and I are back to working on the book. Expect new content and some structural changes soon. Sign up for the email list to be notified about updates, or subscribe to the RSS feed (both options are accessible from the left column). Or simply bookmark this website and visit periodically.

I am still looking for an agent and/or publisher, and will be much obliged to whomever helps me make the right connection.


UPDATE February 10, 2013: This blog is on hiatus. We expect to resume regular publishing within a few weeks or months. Subscribe to our mailing list (left column) to be notified by email when we return. –Atanas and Lesley


My name is Atanas Entchev, and I write this blog. The blog features excerpts from my forthcoming book “My American Lemonade” (co-authored with Lesley Downie) about my family’s 18-year US immigration ordeal and detention in a private detention facility.

I am currently looking for a literary agent to represent the manuscript. You can reach me at atanas@entchev.com and follow me on Twitter @atanas.

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  1. I found your story through Kottke.org. I hope you find a publisher, this is an important story.

    I also sincerely hope that you come to a speedy and definite resolution to your immigration situation. I’m sorry that this happened.


  2. I hope that you can change this blog to somehow direct readers to either a linerar read (are they now in reverse order?) or a way to sign up to receive an announcement when you do find a publisher. Obviously, you’re going to find one quickly as this is amazing and fascinating. But I don’t have a way to say “contact me when you do”. There are fancy ways and non-fancy ways to do this. Amazon.com may have a feature, or you could default to a google doc. I am sure experts have much better ideas, and I hope you do them when they’re presented!

    • Thank you for two great suggestions. I have been thinking about rearranging the blog posts, since having them appear in reverse order is indeed cumbersome for the reader. And providing a way for people to sign up for announcements is a great idea. Will work on both of them today.